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About the Competition

The Quran Competition is a platform for young Muslims to showcase their memorization skills and understanding of the Holy Quran. It serves as an opportunity to nurture a deeper connection with the Quran and to foster a sense of community among students from various Madrasas in Greater Manchester.


Promote Quran Memorisation: Encourage students to memorise and understand the Holy Quran, fostering a lifelong relationship with the Book of Allah.

Cultural Integration: Guide young Muslims on how to integrate into society while preserving their Islamic identity and values.

Community Engagement: Bring together students, families, and community members to celebrate the achievements of Quranic learning.

Supporting Our Future Generations

At WAFA Relief, we believe in investing in the education and spiritual development of our youth. By supporting initiatives like the Quran Competition, we aim to empower young Muslims to become confident, knowledgeable, and engaged members of society while upholding their Islamic values.Join us in celebrating the beauty of the Quran and the talent of our young learners at the second annual Quran Competition. Together, let's inspire and uplift our future generations.

After the success of the first Quran Competition last year, MIC & Didsbury Mosque are keen to continue to encourage our young Muslims to memorise the Holy Quran and to guide them on how to integrate with the local society without losing their Muslim identity. As part of our commitment to giving back to the community, WAFA Relief is proud to support the second annual Qur’an Competition between all Quran students in all Madrasas in Greater Manchester.

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